Local "Best in Show" winner

March 10, 2009 3:43:30 PM PDT
A Chester County canine could be called the world's top dog. He recently won "Best in Show" at the biggest dog show on the planet, held in England.

He is top dog indeed and he returned to his kennel in Cochranville Tuesday afternoon, after winning "Best in Show" at "Crufts" in Birmingham England.

It was a heart-warming reception for Margery Good and her beloved Charmin. After the 7 hour flight, the first thing he got was a bath and a blow-dry then a gift from Rose, the kennel manager's daughter.

"I got two balloons for you."

Charmin also got an acknowledging nudge from the kennel's mascot, Lucky. Charmin was selected "Best in Show" from 22,000 dogs.

"He put on particularly spectacular performances. He really was excited to be there and he rose to the occasion of the world's eyes upon him," said Margery.

Marge explained to me that, at age 4, Charmin has been in more than 400 dog shows, and success is not new to either of them. Charmin won "Best In Show" at the World Dog Show in Stockholm last summer.

"He won the Eukanuba AKC Invitational in 2007."

And he has won 94-all-bread "Best in Shows" in the U.S.! Has it gone to his head?

"Charmin has a very high sense of self importance."

But Marge says she's careful not to distinguish too much between winning and losing.

"Because I don't want him to assume artificial emotions," she said. "Whether he wins or doesn't win he is always a winner!"

And does his name really come from the toilet tissue?


As a puppy, Charmin was just a ball of fluffy white, a co-owner named him, and though Marge wasn't quick to embrace it, she took advantage of his moniker after he won his 1st few shows.

"My first motto with him was 'Charmin's on a roll'."

His registered name is Hidalgo and actually, Charmin's rolling days has just begun. Marge decided just Tuesday morning to retire him. So Charmin will become a housedog. Marge thought should finish on a spectacular note , rather than an ordinary one.

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