On the Net: Pet Social Networking

Social networking for everyone?really
March 18, 2009 8:31:48 PM PDT
An online community for your pets, plus a new search engine.We all know how social networking has changed the face of communicating, reconnecting and making new contacts. So why should your best buddy be left out of all the fun? One website says there's no good reason at all.

Whether it's an encounter in the local dog park or a quick sighting at the pooch grooming salon, your pet needs a way to stay in touch with friends too!

A new online community lets you show off your pet's profile and cuteness factor to friends and other pet owners. The website, which features close to 1,000 pets, functions much like Facebook.

You can post pictures of your pet along with information you want to share with other owners. Other users will give your pet a cuteness rating and you can rank their pets too. Like social networking sites, your pet can accumulate an entire community of friends.

The site also provides a great shopping resource exclusively for pet lovers. You can also win prizes, ask pet-related questions and donate to pet charities.

In a few months, the site will be launching something called a Pet Services section, where you can access lists of animal shelters, vets, groomers, pet sitters, dog walkers, breeders, rescues, adoption locations, and much more.

A few times a year, the site will have a cuteness battle...The 64 top-rated pets will go head-to-head for a chance to win fabulous prizes and the title of Cutest Pet of the year! Think of it as a March Madness for pets. You can even download a bracket and play along at home.

LINK: http://www.cuteashell.com/

Visual Search

A website that doesn't make you commit before you click. Searchme.com is a different kind of search engine. As you start typing what you are looking for, categories that relate to keywords in your search appear. The results page produces full screen grabs of your search results so you can easily weed out the sites you don't want. The site allows you to click, drag and stack your results.

LINK: http://www.Searchme.com

Ticket Time

Whether you're into the Broadway, Buffet or the Birds, Fansnap.com is a fast and FREE resource for fans to find tickets. The website has partnered with major ticket providers so the site can find the best price for your ticket request and scan the results to find that perfect search.

LINK: http://www.Fansnap.com

Cashing In

If that jewelry box is overflowing with outdated bracelets, necklaces and earrings you don't wear anymore.... You might want to check out Dollars4gold.com. There you can sell your jewelry, coins, some electronic components and heirloom collectibles. The company says it keeps its overhead low through refinery partnerships so it can offer higher payouts to customers.

LINK: http://www.Dollars4gold.com

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