Local markets not pulling pistachios for now

March 31, 2009 2:42:21 PM PDT
Local supermarkets say they are awaiting further word from the Food & Drug Administration before taking the nuts off the shelves

The FDA says 4 different strains of salmonella were found on pistachios sold by Setton Farms, of Terra Bella, California.

The contamination was discovered by inspectors for Kraft Foods, who found them in some trail mix they sell.

The Setton Farms plant shut down last week when the contamination was discovered. They've also recalled more than 2 million pounds of pistachios shipped since last fall.

The nuts went to wholesale producers who then use them in trail mix, cakes, ice cream, and other products.

Dr. David Acheson, the FDA Associate Commissioner for Food, says, "So we anticipate that while the recall tonight is focused on approximately a million or so pounds from this one facility in California, that the number of products that are going to be recalled in coming days will grow."

Some supermarkets, like Wegmans, are putting notices to consumers on their websites.

Other then Kraft products, the local stores we've spoken to are not taking pistachios off the shelves right now.

Officials at Genuardi's Markets and Giant foodstores tell Action News tell us they've checked their store-brand foods and they do not contain pistachios from the Setton company. They don't yet know what national brands might contain the suspect nuts.

However, everyone is echoing the FDA's advice -

"Our advice to consumers is to avoid eating pistachio products. And hold onto these products," says Dr. Acheson.

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