Halloween - Beyond the candy!

April 1, 2010 10:01:39 AM PDT
My kids love Halloween and to make it even more memorable, our neighborhood throws a giant block party every year on the Saturday closest to Halloween. It's a great time to gather all the kids together and let them have fun and enjoy the day. It's also a terrific way to shift the focus from candy to fun!

We have several games set up and parents take turns overseeing them. The kids stand behind a line and try to throw a hoop over a pumpkin. If they get it, they win a prize! (If not, they get another turn! I give everyone prizes!) My creative neighbor put a few plastic bugs in a giant tub of shredded paper. The kids have to reach their hand in and if they pull out a toy buy - they win again! One of the crowd favorites is an easy one. We just spread out a blanket and put candy and stickers on it. The kids have to stand back and throw a small hoop on the blanket. They get to take home whatever is inside the hoop! They really have a blast. We end the day with a Halloween parade and awards for creative costumes.

We also set out a table and extension cords so we can offer hot dogs and treats. This year we added a chili cook off! Although the weather can be tough this time of year, everyone seems to have a good time. You do need one solid organizer in your neighborhood and a handful of parents to pitch in with the prizes. We're lucky to have one incredibly organized mom who does the majority of the work. She collects a few dollars from each house and asks for some donations of food and drinks.

Give it a try to extend your Halloween fun!