Dozens of flash mob suspects brought to court

March 11, 2010 3:15:54 PM PST
Dozens of young people were in Philadelphia Family Court on Thursday, accused of taking part in two violent flash mobs in the city.

The incidents occurred on February 16th and March 3rd.

In all, 31 teens were brought to court, with one 16-year-old girl pleading guilty to charges she kicked an unconscious and bleeding 15-year-old in the head.

The other cases were continued and 18 of the defendants remain in custody. As they boarded sheriff's vans, they waved to cheering family and friends.

One defendant who was not in custody was Frank Hill. Action News talked to him as he waited with his mom outside court. Hill says he and a friend were nothing more than innocent bystanders who were swept up by arriving officers.

"They were just locking up any kid that was down at Walgreen's. I was walking out of Walgreen's with two of my friends, and [police] said 'Get on the ground," Hill said.

The "innocent bystander defense" was echoed by Theresa Guyton, who said her son called her during the incident.

"He said 'Mom they are jumping me' and I said 'Can you go into a store?" she said, adding the store wouldn't let her son inside because of the commotion. When police arrived, Guyton said her son went right to them, but was arrested.

Assistant District Attorney Angel Flores heard the complaints. His response?

"We will be more than happy to go into court and prove what each one participated in."

The next day in court for the alleged flash mob suspects will be March 22nd for two days of scheduled trials.