Police: NJ man, with multiple DUIs, arrested again

June 29, 2012 9:49:25 AM PDT
Anderson Sotomayor, 45, was arrested Thursday night, and police say the repeat DUI offender was under the influence at the time of his arrest.

A bench warrant had been issued for Sotomayor after he missed a court appearance Thursday morning.

Back in May, he was arrested for his 5th DUI in 5 weeks.

Sotomayor had been free after posting $20,000 bail on Monday. He was behind bars for about a month.

Sotomayor was released after his first four DUI arrests - which occurred between April 9 and May 12 - because state law doesn't permit bail on motor vehicle violations. But he was jailed after his May 16 arrests because he allegedly had Oxycodone without a prescription.

Sotomayor also was issued five summonses - not including drunken driving - on April 2. On that day, he allegedly swerved around a school bus as it unloaded kids, ran into a stop sign, smashed into a car and fled the scene of the accident.

Police say Sotomayor was intoxicated behind the wheel again Thursday night when he was arrested.

He is being held in Cumberland County Jail without bail.