Local Muslims outraged over school kidnapping

January 18, 2013 8:08:43 PM PST
Local Muslims are taking action after a little girl was kidnapped from a West Philadelphia school.


The child's grandfather An Imam - is a leader in the Philadelphia Muslim community.

The local Muslim community is outraged by the crime and came together to help police garner new information.

On a cold and bitter Friday day where temperatures hovered in the 20s, hundreds of Muslims brothers and sisters were going door to door in a five block radius of Bryant Elementary.

They handed out police flyers about the kidnapping case.

It unfolded Monday when a woman dressed in Muslim garb went to the school. The woman duped a noon time aide and a substitute teacher into believing she was the child's mother and snatched the 5 year old.

With no one yet in custody, Muslims-outraged-that someone dressed in Muslim garb would take part in such a crime, mobilized their efforts to try and help police.

"It's important that we find the information about who this is because whoever it is, is in the neighborhood and it is not healthy to be here for all the children that are here," said Iman Farid.

Police believe the kidnapping was not a random act and believe the man and woman involved at the very least know the family.

Detectives from the Special Victims Unit have been questioning a number of people, including five girlfriends of the child's father and acquaintances of the mother.

State Rep. Ronald Waters says the case has outraged Muslims across the region.

"They are really upset, they're upset that someone came to the school dressed in attire Muslims wear, to do something as horrendous as what happened to her," said Rep. Waters.

Police say they've gathered other information that could prove to be helpful to their investigation.

Meanwhile a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects responsible.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Philadelphia Police at215-686-TIPS (8477), text a tip to PPD TIP (773847) or through phillypolice.com.