6abc Loves the Arts: Talking Breakfast gives window into the world of local artists.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia Contemporary has created a new online series called Talking Breakfast, inviting viewers into the world of an artist by giving a glimpse of their morning routines.

"How that really might be an interesting kind of window, or portal into their lives," explains Philadelphia Contemporary Associate Curator, Nicole Pollard, "get yourself in that space where you're ready to create. You're ready to do what you do best."

The digital series is free and fulfills Philadelphia Contemporary's mission to reflect the city's diversity by highlighting cross-disciplinary artists.

"Poets, performance artists, writers, historians, chefs even," Pollard says, "So it's really a kind of expanded understanding of what it means to be creative."

In short videos, the artists prepare meals such as family recipes.

"Yes, I'm eating rice and beans with more beans," explains the artist Wit Lopez in one.

There are also intimate moments, such as writer Anne Ishii's navigating life as a new mom.

"She has this kind of rushed, multitask breakfast," Pollard says, "Meanwhile, the narratives are the kind of these questions that are coming up in her head."

Participants receive a stipend to buy groceries, Pollard says, "that they can choose to have delivered to them or could be donated to a local food bank."

The producers hope that the series will inspire viewers to reflect on the importance of self-care.

"Understanding how to prioritize oneself, especially when making space for creativity," Pollard says.

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