VIDEO: Group accuses Eggland's Best of animal cruelty

MALVERN, Pa. (WPVI) -- An animal rights group made some big allegations against Malvern-based Eggland's Best Wednesday.

The group also released undercover video they say supports their claims.

Mercy For Animals released the video, showing what it calls the mistreatment of hens, and unsanitary, filthy conditions.

They are calling for Eggland's Best to go cage-free after the video, allegedly taken inside an Eggland's Best facility, shows birds rotting in cages - and other hard to watch scenes - while hens still lay eggs for human consumption.

The group held a press conference in Center City Wednesday, accusing Eggland's Best of animal cruelty and endangering the public's health.

The local company owns 85 percent of the nation's branded egg business.

We reached out to them for comment, but have not received a response at this time.

In defense of their practices, the company has previously stated:

"Cages are the most prevalent housing system in the commercial egg industry because cages still offer the best sanitation, ventilation, and freedom from dust and ammonia."

They add that their flocks are always handled and transported humanely.

And they clearly lay out the different packaging on their website, showing which cartons contain eggs from caged hens and which are cage-free and organic.

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