West Philadelphia neighbors struggle as businesses remain boarded up

ByAshley Johnson via WPVI logo
Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Signs of looting, clean-up and boarded up business fill the area around 60th and Market streets in West Philadelphia.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Signs of looting, clean-up and boarded up businesses fill the area around 60th and Market streets in West Philadelphia.

"It's not easy and it's cold and it's raining and now you got to go on the hunt just to pay your phone bill, groceries and it's just hard," said Sister Ransom of West Philadelphia.

Ransom had travel miles away to pay her phone bill, and now she's wondering how she will get her medicine since several pharmacies are shutdown.

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"It's difficult because thank God my doctor called me this morning asking if I'm having problems...I can't get no medication at all," Ransom said.

The Sunshine Food Market also has no clue when it will be reopen after being hit by looters.

"They broke a lot of our equipped stuff that physically runs the store, our servers. Like they were intentionally smashing equipment for no reason besides them taking products out of the store," Owner Mohamad Mustafa said. "If someone wants bread, eggs they're going to probably have to go out of West Philadelphia to get it because a lot of stores just like mine got hit up."

It's a long road ahead in terms of recovery for the community and the businesses.

"Not everybody's a bad guy, it's certain people who take advantage of the situation," Mustafa said.

"It needs to stop there's another way to voice your opinion and that's by speaking up, praying and vote," Ransom said.