'Chefs for Vets' gives free, homecooked meals to veterans

The layers of this story start with Chip "Chef Chipper" Panico, the owner and chef at AAA Catering in Lansdale, Pennsylvania .

"One of the most intimate things that people can share is a meal," he said. "Food is love, love makes people happy, and I know food so that is the best way for me to spread love, spread positivity."

That's what Tracey Leinen is trying to do too. They formed a connection as they both have family members who served in Vietnam.

"We are trying to give 30 meals in 30 days to 30 veterans through the chefs that we're working with," she said.

One of those veterans is Sgt. Thomas Powers, a 72-year-old army veteran who served in Vietnam.

"Now, to be welcomed home finally after 49 years and finally we're getting some recognition, it's really, really nice and it's how all vets should be treated," said Powers.

For Powers and his family, these meals are coming at a much needed time. His wife, Karen, has brain cancer, and to see a community willing to step up and help them means the world.

"I'm not a cook so it's really tough on me trying to cook for my wife, but this is really awesome that Tracey has this organization," said Powers

Now, he's helping her too by assembling a shadow box for Leinin's father, so she can continue to keep his legacy alive.
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