Eric Moody
Eric Moody joined the Action News team as a Digital Field Journalist in March 2020.

Born and raised in Philly, Eric has worked on many digital projects with local leaders and organizations, to highlight unique stories that makes Philadelphia special.

Before joining the 6abc team, Eric was a Digital Reporter for The Philadelphia Tribune, the oldest continuously published African-American newspaper in the United States.

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Eric's Stories
'The third place of learning': Please Touch Museum launches $5 million campaign to reopen in 2021
One of Philadelphia's iconic, beloved museums is fighting to survive amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While the Please Touch Museum plans to reopen in the year 2021, the task will not be easy.
Philadelphia, Montgomery County cross-county initiative aims to provide second chance for non-violent juveniles
Montgomery County recently celebrated 20 years behind its Youth Aid Panel program, which promotes restorative justice, providing a second chance for non-violent juveniles. While Philadelphia has had a youth panel program since the late 1980s, within the last few years, the two counties have recently merged, launching a cross-county initiative.
'The Watermelon Man' continues a decades-old family legacy in Southwest Philadelphia
Elijah Carter is known as the "Watermelon Man," selling the fruits of his labors on the corner of 84th Street and Lindbergh Boulevard in Southwest Philadelphia.
Philadelphia GreenLight Fund raises $3.5 million to address the city's poverty crisis
In Philadelphia, many are faced with poverty and deal with the lack of vital resources in underserved communities. One North Philadelphia native and his local nonprofit aims to lead a $3.5 million effort to help eliminate these barriers for good.
Philly charter school launches "The Boys' Latin Teaching Fellowship" to address the lack of Black male educators
In Philadelphia, only four percent of Black men are educators. Boys' Latin Charter School in West Philly, seeks to launch a teaching fellowship program to help change this stark reality.
How virtual school has helped local toy shop owner stay in business amid COVID-19 pandemic
While the pandemic has forced this Chestnut Hill toy store owner to lay off her staff, back to school virtual learning has helped Busy Bee Toys survive.
New Jersey native launches "The Masked Melanin Market" to revive the economic outlook in Camden
During a time when many businesses are struggling to survive, one New Jersey resident is stepping up, to help revive the economic outlook in the city of Camden.
Former Sesame Street writer, 7-time Emmy winner aims to push gun education in schools
With back to school underway, former Sesame Street writer and seven-time Emmy winner Ian Ellis James says gun violence education is vital to incorporate in student classrooms.
Local nonprofit raises over $200,000 to redistribute wealth into small urban businesses
In an effort to help rebuild businesses affected during recent lootings and COVID-19, two 23-year-olds have made it their mission to help out, all through the giving power of community.
Local business owner provides free resources to address unemployment amid COVID-19
During the COVID-19 pandemic with unemployment numbers still high, one local business owner in West Chester, Chester County is looking to step in and help individuals during a time of much-needed assistants.