Dog found in Indiana brought to Philly, reunited with owner

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- There is no doubt that many found a lot of Hershey's candy during their hunts on Easter weekend.

But a dog named 'Hershey,' was found by a local woman on the side of I-80 near the state of Indiana.

Hershey lost her way but was rescued and then brought back to Philadelphia on Saturday.

ACCT Philly typically doesn't accept pets from outside city limits, but Hershey had nowhere to go.

Judging from how she yearned to be held and cuddled with, ACCT Philly knew she belonged to someone.

The problem was Hershey wasn't microchipped.

Determined to get Hershey home, the community support supervisor reached out to numerous shelters in several states and posted the pup's picture on lost and found pages.

Then, after just 24 hours on Easter Sunday, she was found.

"I actually had the owners call me and say: 'It's an Easter miracle. We are going to get our dog back.' And it's just something in this situation I don't think any of us expected to happen," said Allison Karl of ACCT Philly. "We were just trying to do right by the dog. To make someone's day was really magic."

The owner was actually rushed to the hospital a few days ago and believed Hershey escaped when the ambulance arrived.

But she is doing well, Hershey is doing well, and thanks to the PETS Fund, Hershey will be reunited with her owner this weekend.

The fund supports efforts to reunite pets like Hershey with their families.
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