Action News Troubleshooters: Fridge on the Fritz

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Thursday, November 1, 2018
Action News Troubleshooters: Taking on a major appliance company
A "lemon" refrigerator needs to be replaced as reported by Nydian Han during Action News at 11 on October 31, 2018.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- One thing we all use every day is our refrigerator, so if it breaks down repeatedly, it seems reasonable you'd want a new one.

The Troubleshooters sure thought so.

We asked Kim Nolen of Schwenksville, Pa. what was the problem with her refrigerator.

"There's a fan in the back of the inside of the refrigerator that circulates the cold air and it would freeze up and when it froze up, it couldn't function," she said.

Kim says the refrigerator would simply stop cooling.

She says the refrigerator is a lemon, and she had to have the part replaced at least three times.

And the last time, "It was a month we were without the refrigerator and we were really frustrated because we've had a lot of food loss over the years and a lot of hassle and a lot of trouble," Kim added.

Kim and her husband did buy a 5-year extended warranty but repeated repairs weren't enough.

"We wanted to have it replaced because we're sure our warranty is going to run out and that same part is going to continue to be a problem," she said.

When the Big Box store refused to provide a replacement, Kim called the Action News Troubleshooters. And within a week she got 3 options from the retailer's executive office.

"Extend our warranty, give us store credit to purchase another one or he was willing to cut a check for the entire cost of the actual refrigerator when we purchased it the first time," said Kim.

The Nolans chose a check for a future fridge replacement.

And as for the Troubleshooters?

"I think they were amazing, they were amazing. I would not have thought that I would have been in a position where I needed to utilize this but it was wonderful," she said.

And here are Troubleshooter tips when dealing with what might be a lemon of a product.

Document everything.

Keep a journal of dates and times the problem occurs and when you contact the company. Also takes notes on your conversations, whom you talked to and what that person said.

That info is very helpful when we try to help you.

The Troubleshooters, including our CFA volunteers, would love to help you.

Call us at 1-866-978-4232, reach us through, or via social media.


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