VIDEO: Texas mom creates the mother of all Adele parody videos!

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Thursday, December 10, 2015
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A mother of three has turned Adele's hit "Hello" into a viral sensation - an anthem for all of the hardworking and exhausted moms everywhere.

A Texas mother, with 3 kids and some pretty incredible vocal talent, has turned Adele's hit song "Hello" into a battle cry for hardworking, exhausted mamas everywhere.

Emily Mills calls her witty parody "Hello From the Mother Side", a song inspired by her goofy response to a girls night invitation.

The singer-songwriter covers everything that drained moms deal with, from her kid having issues with fractions to the house being a mess.

The stress-eating, wine-craving, homework-hating anthem is a little serious, a lot funny, and filled with talent.

But Mills isn't just hilarious, she's also charitable.

Mills and her husband, Brett, run a nonprofit called Jesus Said Love, which works to help those victimized by commercial sex exploits.

The charity helps women transition out of the industry by providing loans and other support.

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Mills' a cappella version: