Airline passengers throw impromptu baby shower for California couple flying with newly adopted infant

BUENA PARK, Calif. -- A couple flying home with their newly adopted daughter received a heartfelt surprise from their fellow airline passenger -- an impromptu baby shower of sorts.

Now, they are speaking exclusively to Good Morning America.

For nine years, Dustin and Caren Moore tried to have a baby with no success.

Their dreams finally came true in November when they adopted a baby girl in Colorado, falling in love immediately.

"She had me wrapped around her fingers instantly ... I heard her crying outside the room and I started crying," Dustin said.

When the time finally came to bring her home, the Moores were prepared for a difficult day, getting on the plane for the first time with a newborn.

Their adoption story spread on their Southwest flight, and a flight attendant congratulated the family over the intercom.

"The two of us looked at each other like, 'You're hearing this, too. Right? They're talking about us and our daughter,'" Dustin said

Some passengers even wrote sweet messages on airline napkins for the new parents.

"YOU ARE HEROS!!! I am a mature, professional nanny in LB. Call me if you need anything," one note read.

Dustin said he doesn't think they knew how significant those messages were to him and his wife.

"All those worries and those fears that we had about, "Can we do this? Are people going to be good to our sweet daughter even though we adopted her?" And everybody who just basically shouted "yes" in unison to each other just made us feel so good, so, so good," he said. "I can't think of any better way we could have had to bring our daughter home."

Those napkins are now saved in a scrapbook. The Moores now have their own message to those strangers on the airplane: "Thank you!"
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