Pollen counts are high and that's not going away anytime soon, expert says

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- If you're having trouble with allergies this spring, you're not alone. Experts say pollen counts are particularly high, and the dry weather isn't helping.

For Pat Pachecl, it seemed like the perfect day to bring his two-year-old son to the park, but he was struggling.

"I never experienced it like the way I experience it now," he said. "It is allergies; specifically to the pollen that's coating our cars."

Dr. Robert Anolik, the president of Allergy and Asthma Specialists, says pollen counts have steadily gotten worse over the last 20 years, and the season is getting longer too.

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Action News speaks to an allergist to find out why this year seems to worse than previous years.

"A dry day, little breeze in the air, and the pollen flies for miles and miles. We know that a rise in global temperature plays a role in increasing pollen counts," he said.

It's especially problematic in late spring when pollen from trees and grass are both in play.

"Usually in May and June you get overlap of both of those pollens and that's when usually the peak misery will occur," said Anolik.

Dr. Anolik says it didn't seem like it was that bad last year because we were all hunkered down in our homes.

If you're suffering, Anolik says to make sure to close your windows at home, wash your hair before getting in bed and throw clothes right in the wash.

If you're hoping for relief with the heat, experts say that's probably not happening this year either. They think the pollen is sticking around until the 4th of July.

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