Levittown, Bucks County singer scores golden ticket on 'American Idol'

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Monday, March 25, 2024
Levittown, Bucks County singer auditions for golden ticket on 'American Idol'
Auditions continue Sunday on 'American Idol,' and Bucks County singer Ricky Moyer is going for a golden ticket.

LEVITTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Auditions continued Sunday on 'American Idol,' and a local singer got a golden ticket.

Bucks County's Ricky Moyer brought his unique, soulful sound, and effervescent personality to his audition for the judges.

"It was super crazy," Moyer said. "It feels like you're in the TV box when you stand in front of the judges. It's so surreal, but they're so awesome."

Fun fact: 22-year-old Moyer from Levittown went to Neshaminy High School, just like former Top 7 Idol contestant Catie Turner.

"When she was on 'Idol,' I was a junior, and it was her senior year," Moyer said. "We were all rooting for her, obviously."

What are the chances that Neshaminy High School gets two contestants on American Idol?

"It's crazy," Moyer said. "Honestly, that was really kind of the driving force for me to do 'Idol' and send in the tape. I was friendly with Catie and seeing how she's so different and unique, and seeing how that was accelerated so much, she inspired me a little bit. Neshaminy! I don't know what's in the water!"

When he stepped in front of the judges, Moyer said he brought a little confidence boost from home.

"It comes back to my mom, who is always like pushing me to do different things, and trying to get me to think outside the box," he said.

When Alicia Vitarelli found out mom was home during their Zoom call, we had to bring in Audrey to share some words of wisdom.

"I said to him, 'If you make yourself proud, I will be proud. That is the most important thing: to make yourself proud,'" she said.

Moyer went on to study musical theater at Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio. Then, he found his sound.

"I guess artists that I have a similar vibe to include Sam Smith, Chris Stapleton, Adele," Moyer says. "Soulful, grittier."

Levittown, Bucks County singer scores golden ticket on 'American Idol'

Moyer visited the 6abc station on Monday to meet Vitarelli in person and share more about his experience.

"I feel incredible! Oh my gosh, I can't believe it," Moyer said.

He even performed a special tune on a piano in the 6abc studio.

Next stop, Hollywood!

He said he's incredibly excited to take this next step, especially after the judges -- mainly Katie Perry -- praised his soulful style of music.

"She (Perry) was just talking about how I'm such a natural storyteller, and they're super excited to hear the rest of the stories I'm gonna tell them this season," Moyer said.

You can watch 'American Idol' Sundays at 8 p.m. on 6abc.