Arcana welcomes you to a community living room in the heart of SF

ByVictoria Vallecorse Localish logo
Friday, June 24, 2022
This urban greenhouse is about to be your new home away from home
Visit this shared living room and oasis in the heart of SF's Mission District.Teeming with artful greenery, grab a glass of wine or mug of yerba mate and take a seat at the comfy-chic Arcana.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Located in the heart of the Mission District, urban greenhouse Arcana beckons passersby to step inside the stylish space. Teeming with artful greenery, grab a glass of wine or mug of yerba mate and take a seat on the comfy green couch as you cozy into what many call a home away from home.

"Everybody should have access to a beautiful place, good music, good food, good wine," said Arcana founder and curator Naz Khorram. "Basically, an extended version of my own living room in my own personal home was what I was really striving for."

Whether you'd like to become a plant parent or add to your existing collection, Arcana offers hundreds of carefully selected options to fill your space.

"We handpick every single plant, choosing plants and pots that go together to create some sort of vibe that you can kind of imagine in your space," explained Plant Specialist & Interiorscaper Anna Trautman. "It's a place where you actually get to see living things as a form of art. It's also a place for community."

A plant shop and teahouse by day and wine bar-restaurant by night, Arcana serves as an oasis that connects the community through sustainable offerings.

"From our plant-based food to our natural wine to the tea, everything is pretty environmentally focused and inspired," said Operations Coordinator Andy Garcia.

For Arcana founder Khorram, the shop's location and welcoming vibe hits close to home.

"It's a very immigrant-dominated neighborhood, that's why I really connected with it," they said. "I'm queer, I moved here when I was 18, and I specifically wanted to come to San Francisco because as a very young Iranian coming out of that culture, people didn't have an open mind about it."

Khorram displays the Rainbow Flag inside Arcana as a symbol of the love and community they feel in San Francisco, with the intention of sharing positivity and light with all who visit.

"I just wanted to have a big flag raised as a sign for all the other 18-year-olds that are moving into this city from their own countries and their own backgrounds to feel what I felt, 'Oh, that's a safe place to go,'" said Khorram.

For more information about Arcana, visit here.

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