Remodeling Rescue for a family in need

December 20, 2007 8:43:36 PM PST
There could be no better holiday gift for the Kirner family. Thanks to a brand new organization, the work the Kirners so desperately need on their home is finally getting done. A Christmas tree is all the Kirners have had to remind them this is supposed to be a time to celebrate the holidays. The Kirners say Joe Salvatico left their house in shambles after they paid him more than $114,000.

"He took our whole life," says Cheryl Kirner.

But now Cheryl has hope her home will be completed. "There are angels out there," she says, and David Hollander is one of them. He saw Cheryl's story on the news back in September.

Hollander tells Action News, "I felt compelled to reach out and donate some time. And in doing that I realized that there was far more here than one person with some donated time could make a difference with."

So he created a non-profit organization called Remodeling Rescue. "Our mission is to provide subsidized remodeling services for people who've been the victim of contractor fraud, incompetent workmanship or even a life changing event," said David.

But with the help of his friends and colleagues, Hollander is making sure all of the Kirner's work is done free of charge, and all the materials are donated.

On Thursday J.A. Smith Heating and Air Conditioning installed a new heat pump system that's a $4,000. The unit was donated by Lennox.

Hollander hopes the Kirner's home will be completed by March. "I can't wait to have Easter dinner here. "We haven't had a holiday here for three years," said Cheryl. "My hope for 2008 is Dave Hollander is going to get my house together and then we're going to live happily ever after hopefully."