Teen allegedly attacked over unpaid bill

January 15, 2008 9:03:45 PM PST
In a case that boggles the minds of investigators, a husband and wife were being held at police headquarters along with their 18-year-old daughter.

Authorities said they and another daughter accosted, punched and kicked a 17-year-old family friend over an unpaid cell phone bill.

Eighteen-year-old Tiesha Lewis and 17-year-old Elisane Fortune were the best of friends. So close that Lewis put her on her family's cell phone plan. Their families had a great relationship.

"Before this, we were close. The girls would do the homework together, everything," said the victim's father, Romilo Fortune.

But recently the Lewis family became upset over some money that Elisane owed for the cell phone plan, which the Fortune family had agree to pay.

"I owe T-mobile $20. My mother was going to finish paying that off, so I guess they didn't," said Elisane.

Even though the Fortunes had agreed to pay the twenty dollars, police said Teisha Lewis along with her mother Carmeyo, her father Curtis Sherwood and her 16-year-old sister drove to Martin Luther King High School and jumped Elisane Fortune at the intersection of Stenton and Walnut Lane.

"They had me on the ground kicking me and stuff. I thought I was going to faint," said Elisane.

She was rushed to Einstein Medical Center with cuts and bruises, including a bruised knee.

"When I got there, I saw blood on her face everywhere. I see blood everywhere," said Romilo.

Community activist Ricardo Sebastian said kids are always fighting over one thing or another.

"But when you have the parent getting involved and kicking the child like a dog, that's totally unquestionably, unpopular," said Sebastian.

The three members of the Lewis family were being held at police headquarters awaiting their arraignment on charges of assault and related offenses. The 16-year-old was placed in juvenile detention.

Authorities said the father, Curtis Sherwood, was already on probation for another crime.