Memories missing for dozens of newlyweds

January 16, 2008 3:15:06 PM PST
The Pennsylvania Attorney General has launched a formal investigation into Celebration Studios. It's trying to figure out why the company closed its doors leaving disappointed, devastated and angry couples from here to New York.

Jen Collopy paid Celebrations Studios more than three thousand dollars to "capture details she would not want to forget."

"It goes by so quickly, you want those pictures to capture what the day was like," she said.

Heather Rossi got married in September 2006. She also paid Celebration Studios about three thousand dollars.

"It's the biggest day of your life," she said.

But, while Heather can view her pictures online, she has yet to get her finished album and portraits. Jen hasn't received anything.

"I feel helpless. I trusted this company financially and emotionally," she said.

The Pennsylvania Attorney general is now investigating Celebration Studios, which was headquartered in North Jersey but had satellite offices in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The studio space in Liberty Plaza is now occupied by Access Studios. It is not clear whether the two are connected. "I'm just surprised, let down," said Heather.

The Better Business Bureau said Celebration Studios has an unsatisfactory record. Ten complaints have been filed against it. Dozens of other brides have complained online. Action News interviewed yet more angry brides in Brookhaven, Delaware County.

"I'm angry and I'm frustrated because I feel like I've been taken advantage of," said one.

The attorney for Celebration Studios said all locations have been closed.

The company is making every effort to preserve all materials, but is also considering filing for bankruptcy. Regardless the president and CEO of Celebration Studios said, "people should not fear their memories are lost."

That's exactly what hundreds of brides are afraid of tonight. If you are one of them, the Pennsylvania Attorney general wants to hear from you. Click here to file a complaint.