Was it a case of robber's remorse?

January 22, 2008 4:16:15 AM PST
Perhaps it was a case of robber's remorse.

Frederick Meyer reported a laptop, a Palm pilot, a GPS unit and a digital camera stolen from his home - only to have most the items left in front of his house a few days later, according to a subpoena filed in court Monday.

Meyer reported the items stolen Nov. 3. Three days later, Meyer said he received a call from a blocked number in which the caller said he had the items.

The caller also said he had Meyer's Glock pistol. Meyer didn't realize the gun was also stolen but checked and found it was missing, the subpoena said.

The caller told Meyer his items would be returned within a day.

Less than two hours later, the doorbell rang. In his driveway he found most of the items, except for the GPS unit, according to the subpoena.

Meyer then received a call from the same caller who said his items were on the front porch.

The Waukesha County sheriff's department is seeking telephone records from AT&T that could lead them to the caller, the subpoena says.