Jury rejects La Salle discrimination lawsuit

January 31, 2008 1:10:58 PM PST
A federal jury in Philadelphia rejected bias claims filed against a Roman Catholic university by an Iranian-born business professor. Madjid Tavana argued that he was denied a promotion at La Salle University because of religious and ethnic bias that started after the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Tavana is a naturalized U.S. citizen who lives in Voorhees, N.J.. He joined the faculty at La Salle in 1984 and served two terms as chair of the management department. He sued after he failed to keep the post for a third term and was passed over for the job of business school dean.

Tavana is on sabbatical. Neither he nor his lawyer have returned messages for comment.

La Salle says it regrets that Tavana feels he was mistreated and hopes he resumes teaching there.