Franklin Institute in HD and 3D

February 27, 2008 3:33:17 PM PST
This Friday the Franklin Institute will unveil a new cutting edge HD theater.Science is coming to life in a new way at the Franklin Institute.

A cutting edge theater opens this weekend showcasing 3-D and hi-def Blu-ray digital projection capabilities. With 3-D glasses, visitors feel like they're immersed in the sun or being brushed by a millipede.

"This kind of experience, immersion quality should get kids to feel the discovery in a different way that science should always inspire," Karen Corbin, the senior vice president of programs, marketing, and business development, said.

It took three months and nearly 1 million dollars to renovate this space.

It's loaded with 5.1 surround sound and all of the gadgets imagninable with no cables.

Director of theaters, Art Mercurio, is able to control it all via a wireless control panel.

The greatest challenge of the project was adding the latest technology while still preserving the beauty and historic value of the theater built in the early 1930's.

"The murals are from 1932 of famous scientist and the light fixtures are from that era, too," Karen Corbin said.

They spent three years just looking for a contractor who shared their vision. The curtains, ceiling and walls are covered with sound absorbing fabric. The seats needed to be an unusual size; they were shipped from Australia.

The Franklin Theatre opens to the public on Friday.