Dog stuck in drain pipe is free

March 2, 2008 8:56:50 PM PST
A dog named Biscuit that had been stuck in a drain pipe freed himself with the help of a light from a camera. Residents from the Winstead Apartments at 100 Andrews Avenue in Moorestown heard the dog barking from inside a drainage pipe and called police.

Residents told Action News that they have been hearing the dog since last Tuesday, but the owner of the Jack Russell terrier said the dog was home on Sunday morning.

The Moorestown police say this same dog has been going in the pipe and getting out on its own for the past year and a half.

Residents were convinced that the dog could not get out this time and called authorities.

Officials from the water department lowered a small camera into the drain pipe on Sunday evening, but they could not determine whether or not the dog was stuck.

Shortly after 8:00 this evening, Biscuit, seeing the lights from an Action News camera, came up the pipe and out to the waiting arms of his owners.

The dog was not injured.