Cleanup of storm, wind damage progressing

March 9, 2008 8:51:52 PM PDT
It's a day to clean up across the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys, after Saturday's torrential rain and wind storms. Trees were toppled, power lines were knocked down, and roofs were ripped off. There was street flooding, traffic backups, and dozens of flights cancelled. At the height of last night's storm more than 300,000 customers were without power across our area.

Power crews spent Sunday repairing lines, and removing debris.

Across the region crews were cutting timber and cleaning up. On the 2000 block of Porter Street in South Philadelphia a half dozen cars suffered damage after strong wind toppled an oak tree.

Ray Solley's Dodge Durango got smashed, but Rod Anello's car took the brunt of Mother Nature's punishment, and took a little more well after the storm had passed. A cut log landed on the car as crews were breaking the tree down, adding insult to injury. He just bought the car for his daughter a week ago.

The cleanup is unfinished and the damage cost has escalated well into the thousands. But most of the storm victims are taking the situation in stride.