Trying to make school fragrance free

March 11, 2008 5:02:09 AM PDT
You know those male body sprays that promise to be babe magnets?

Well, instead of attracting girls, they could be making them sick.

A Minnesota lawmaker is proposing legislation that would urge a fragrance-free educational campaign for schools.

State rep Karen Clark at first wanted to ban sprays like Axe in schools, but scaled back her proposal.

The proposed campaign could include letters to parents, fact sheets, signs in schools, e-mail and Web sites.

School nurses in Minneapolis say the intense fragrance in the body sprays can trigger asthma attacks.

Minneapolis South High senior Mikolai Altenberg says is the smell is "indescribable" and unavoidable.

He adds some guys think spraying Axe all over is a "substitute for showering."