Little League theft

March 14, 2008 3:44:20 PM PDT
It is a field of dreams for hundreds of kids, but police say one man turned it into a field of schemes. They're getting the Gloucester City Little League field ready for try outs on Saturday, but it won't be quite the season they had planned.

That's because, police say, the former treasurer cleaned out the league's bank account.

Harry Fox Junior is accused of taking tens of thousands of dollars -- money mostly raised by the kids selling candy bars.

Tony Eller of the Gloucester City Little League says Fox got an ATM card on the league's bank account and withdrew the money in small increments over the past three years.

The league didn't know it was missing until vendors started complaining that they weren't getting paid.

The money is gone, but the league says the kids won't be locked out, and the season will go on uninterrupted.

That's at least some consolation for the kids who worked so hard to raise the money.

We tried to talk to Fox at his home, but his son and wife called the police.

The police and the league are now wondering what Fox did with all that money.

Fox faces three to five years in jail if he's convicted. He would also have to pay full restitution to the league.