Turning precious metals into cash

March 25, 2008 4:30:55 PM PDT
People are hoping to turn their precious metals into big bucks.From all over, they came in search of some extra cash. They saw a big ad in the paper, cleaned out their drawers, and dressers and brought with them anything and everything they thought might get a good price.

"I saw the ad in the paper. I had a lot of old coins and miscellaneous jewelry and I just thought I would take the opportunity to cash in," Thelma Turner of Wynnefield Heights said.

Inside the store, experts examined the goods.

The store's done similar buying promotions in the past but even the owner was overwhelmed by the response this year.

"The news has been saying gold is at an all time high, which it is, and I think that combined with a recession, people are feeling it is a good time to sell," Sam Bruner said.

Some are feeling in these tough economic times, they could use that extra money.

"Everybody's looking for some way to get their dollar stretch a little bit further," Sara Kaplan of Northeast Philadelphia said.

Gold recently reached a record high price of a thousand dollars an ounce. Now, it's a little less than that now. People were disappointed to learn they would only receive a percentage of that pure gold price. Still, they waited in line and hoped.