A chance to buy a piece of criminal history

April 1, 2008 4:36:36 AM PDT
Here's your chance to buy a piece of criminal history.

Some of the D.B. Cooper's loot from a notorious 1971 hijacking is going up for auction.

In 1980, an 8-year-old boy found some tattered $20 bills along the Columbia River near Portland, Oregon, while on a family camping trip.

The money was part of the $200,000 ransom in the case.

Ingram, who's now 36, has decided to sell 15 of the bills through Dallas-based Heritage Auction Galleries.

Auction officials aren't sure how much they'll bring, with estimates ranging into the thousands.

The D.B. Cooper hijacking has never been solved.

The man parachuted from a Northwest Orient flight after receiving the demanded 200-grand and four chutes.

Aside from some of the money, no trace of Cooper has ever been found.