Mom creates high-fiber kids' drink

April 14, 2008 1:11:38 PM PDT
What's your children's favorite thing to drink? One mom who says she was frustrated at the empty calories from most juice drinks created her own -- healthier version. She calls it "Froose."

Don't tell Jenny Henken, but that's organic brown rice she's sipping through that straw - in a novel new drink called Froose.

Jenny says, "I just like it because it kind of tastes like a smoothie."

Getting kids to like the taste makes Froose a success in the eyes of its inventor, Denise Devin, of Media, Pennsylvania.

She came up with the idea because she wanted to give her own kids a healthy alternative to the ever-popular juice box.

Devine says, "If they're filling up on juice, it's sort of like empty calories, and they're not getting the complex carbohydrates and fiber and protein that they need to build muscles and bones."

A 4-ounce box of Froose contains 3 grams of fiber - about what you'd get in a bowl of whole grain cereal.

But making brown rice drinkable required new technology, and Denise created it.

She says, "Our process, and this is why, you know, we ended up with patents. It really was a breakthrough. We take the whole food, and we micro-mill it in such a way that we can incorporate it in a liquid form that there's no particulates, no grit."

Besides brown rice, the drink contains whole fruit concentrate, with only 8 grams of sugar.

According to Denise, "Most juice has quite a lot of sugar grams, about you know, 27 grams in a typical serving of juice. That's a lot of sugar."

Marylou Henken is a busy mother of three who says she's a Froose fan.

"I try really hard to stay in a healthy mode in terms of food, organic foods, and you know, fruits and vegetables, so this is one more option that I can give my children and feel really comfortable about, " says Henken.

It's one more way to sneak nutrition into the meal.

Froose comes in cherry, pear, and peach flavors.

Right now, it's only available online.

Devine is already at work on other healthy products like snack bars and puddings.