Sliding in 3D

April 9, 2008 9:11:39 PM PDT
Remember those flimsy 3-D glasses that were so popular in the 80s? You don't need those anymore, at least not when you're in front of your computer. allows you to view images and photos in a 3D slideshow. After you install a plug-in to your browser, visit one of your favorite websites like Google image search, Flicker, MySpace or Facebook.

Once you see a special icon appear on the images, click on it. As you move your mouse, you'll be transported to the 3D wall! It literally brings a new dimension to your screen.

Finding the finer things for less

So it's Saturday night, maybe you want to impress a date or maybe you want to celebrate a special occasion.

A nice bottle of wine will do the trick, but finding the finest Vino can be difficult and very pricey.

Now instead of wasting more money in gas going from store to store, try

This site is literally a search engine of wine stores, wineries and wine auctions that offers the best prices for your favorite bottle of wine.

Users type in their wine of choice, vintage and location. The engine then scours through its catalogue of participating stores find the best prices. If you want an advanced search though there is a fee.

Crystal Ball

Nostradomous may have some online competition.

On users can bet on tomorrow's news by wagering play money on the outcomes of a given event.

You can take a shot at predicting anything from the winner of the World Series to the winner of the 2008 presidential election.

The format is set up like the stock market. Each bet has a different selling price.

The object of the game is to reach a collectively agreed upon outcome with other investors hinged on the stock trading price.

Best Seller

If writer's block is not your problem, but getting your talent noticed is, try logging on to

This is a free downloadable program that helps you organize your content into a printable layout.

You can even order a book size and style and the book will be shipped to you.

Once you've published your masterpiece, you can sell it on blurb.