Nutter marks 100th day in office

April 15, 2008 3:08:09 PM PDT
Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has spelled out a plan to offer tax breaks to businesses that hire ex-offenders.

Nutter outlined the details today as he marks his 100th day in office.

There are signs the city is making strides under the new mayor to shed its "Killadelphia" label. For one, the year's homicide tally stands at 83, down from 110 a year earlier.

Both Nutter and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey note that the majority of murder suspects and victims are ex-offenders, making the tax break program even more critical. Nutter and Ramsey have pledged to slash the murder rate.

Pedestrian stops also are up 50 percent, and are expected to climb higher as police retrain in stop-and-frisk procedures, which are designed to get more illegal guns off the street. Ramsey says officials want to make sure there are no spikes in the summer, when killings typically increase.