Fishing boats feel fuel concerns

April 24, 2008 3:44:49 PM PDT
If you think it's costing a lot to fill your car consider commercial fishing boats that burn hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel a day.At the Lobster House Dock in Cape May, diesel is $3.75 a gallon.

A scallop boat received 2,000 gallons of gas which equates to $75,000 worth of fuel.

The fishermen are paid $7 a pound for the scallops, but there are government limits on how much they can harvest.

Together with fuel prices, the profit margin on scallops is sinking fast and for fish, they may actually lose money

The fishermen say the cost of diesel is so high some of the boats aren't even going out because they can't make enough money on their catches to cover costs.

Albert Carlson, a scallop boat captain, says his boat burns up to 600 gallons of fuel a day. He says some boat owners are downsizing their crews because of high costs.

Fishermen say there could be seafood shortages if fewer boats go out and, of course, you can almost bet on higher prices.