Alleged drug gang busted after home invasion

May 15, 2008 3:17:00 PM PDT
Suspected drug gang members are accused of kidnapping and torturing a man, but there was one move the victim made that may have prevented things from getting much worse. Police said the gang kidnapped the man from a house in Upper Darby, and moved him to a house in the area of 51st and Cedar in Philadelphia.

Police said the ringleader was Byron Cassidy of West Philadelphia. Cassidy, disappointed with 2200 dollars in the victim's possession, Cassidy demanded the victim set up an acquaintance, who is a major drug dealer.

The victim was released.

Police and the FBI then set up a sting, luring Cassidy and two of his crew to the victim's house on Wednesday night.

They were trapped on the second floor by dozens of officers as neighbors watched.

Police say two of the alleged kidnappers did not show. Larue Shivers, 20, and David Kennedy, 19, remained at large and considered dangerous.

Investigators said when Cassidy was arrested he was wearing an electronic bracelet. They believe he was under federal house arrest.