China earthquake victims get local aid

May 13, 2008 6:43:48 PM PDT
Local relief efforts are being set up to help those in China. An emergency meeting of local Chinese community leaders met Tuesday with the primary question of how could they and their groups help the earthquake victims.

There was talk of fundraisers and questions about who should get the money; whether the money should go to governments or aid organizations.

The World Journal's, the largest Chinese language newspaper in North America, Philadelphia based reporter Lin Liu says the race to rescue victims and how to help is on The Journal readers' minds.

Richard Li, who runs Liberty Real Estate Associates, is from the Sichuan Provence and his parents live about 100 miles from the epicenter of the quake; they are ok, but the damage is so widespread, Li set up a relief fund at a Philadelphia bank.

Li's hope is to raise enough to help rebuild a village school or medical facility.

To help in the aid for the China earthquake victims:

You can send donations to
The Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund
c/o Conestoga Bank
1032 Arch Street
Phila, PA 19107

or send a check to

American Red Cross International Response Fund
PO Box 37243
Washington, DC 20013
(specify donation is for the China Earthquake)
or contact the Red Cross at 1-800-RED-CROSS
or visit