Out of this world: Students' rockets go up

May 7, 2009 11:19:43 AM PDT
It was an exciting day for a group of fifth graders in Chester County after hard word paid of with a blast.Students at East Goshen Elementary watched in awe as more than 100 rockets blasted into the air.

The rocket launch ends a nearly three-month project for the fifth grade science class.

"It was really fun. We got to build space suits and then we got to build a rocket. I really did enjoy it," Caitlin Brown said.

The kids worked diligently on their rockets, and no two were exactly alike.

"My rocket was a little interesting; it shot off sideways and is stuck in the trees right now," Eric Diesteolow said.

Each fifth-grader picked an element in the solar system as the focus of his or her own project.

On rocket launch day, they prepped as if they were actually headed on a mission in space!

"They learn about all the details of the solar system. Then they pick a planet

" They learn about all the details of the solar system. Then they pick a planet they're kind of interested in and they start researching what conditions would be like, so we're comparing Earth with other places," Bill Turner, East Goshen science teacher, said.

The fifth graders designed space suits so they could brave the elements of whatever planet they were going to. They even included jet packs and food and water supplies.

"My spacesuit is designed to accommodate me on my planet that I studied, which is Venus," Eric Diestelow said.

"I chose Uranus because it has extreme seasons and it rains crystals, so I thought it would be interesting to study," Caitlin Brown said.

The students got to put their new knowledge into action, essential to a higher level of learning.

"At this age especially, a hands-on approach is so incredibly important," Mr. Turner said.