Suspected car dealer arsonist caught

May 21, 2008 5:38:44 AM PDT
Police believe one man is behind a string of arsons in South Jersey and he is custody.

Forty-one-year-old Michael Quigg of Marlton is behind bars tonight. He is suspected in a string of arsons beginning last year that caused well over a million dollars in damage at car dealerships along Route 73.

"We're happy that somebody was caught. We're going to do whatever we can to assist in his prosecution," Eric Bloom, Chevrolet 73 sales manager, said.

Other businesses have been torched, too, including some that have been twice. Ann Brennan's Garden State Asbstract Co. was first set fire to in October and again Thursday night. Luckily for Brennan, her company is still open for business.

"This guy just lights fires for kicks and someone could have lost their life, that's the scary part of it all," Ann Brennan said.

A 7-month multi-agency investigation targeted Quigg, who told a judge at his video arraignment he's unemployed and living on social security disability because of mental health issues.

"The nature of my disability is bipolar disorder and psychotic behavior," Quigg said.

Quigg's father was in court today but wouldn't comment.

"It really doesn't match him, what I see of him. He's always friendly and takes care of his father," neighbor Jim O' Brien said.

Quigg was picked up early Saturday morning driving away from a fire in Evesham. Police believe part of the reason the suspect allegedly set fires at car dealers was retaliation.

"This individual was extremely annoyed with car dealerships in general because of cars he had purchased and was unhappy with so he started targeting dealerships around the state just out of pure anger," Assistant Burlington County Prosecutor Ray Milavsky said.

The bail was set to $100,000.