More attempted abductions in Camden

May 20, 2008 3:45:10 PM PDT
Police in Camden are investigating a number of attempted luring cases tonight. In fact there have been a number of incidents in recent days. There may have been another attempted luring today - this time there was an arrest near the cream school. It's the 5th such incident in the past 10 days.

One occurred yesterday near the Wiggings School at 5th and Walnut. Parents picking up their youngsters are concerned.

One parent, David Vega tells us, "As far as the school, my kids did tell me they were warning them about not walking with strangers. If they see something strange to go to a security guard."

At about 3 yesterday afternoon police say 2 boys, ages 10 and 6, were walking from school when a black SUV with silver trim and rims demanded they get into the car... the children ran.

"I would definitely encourage parents to tell their kids to stay away from strangers. If they do have someone approach them in a car, in a vehicle, or on foot to run away and to tell an adult, which is what these kids have been doing," Lt. Kevin Martini of the Camden Police explains.

On May 14th a man allegedly grabbed a 14-year-old girl at a park at 28th and Mitchell, however she escaped. On May 12th, twin brothers were approached near Orkship Square and Kersarge. 1 was grabbed by the arm but both got away. On May 9th a 6-year-old boy walking his dog at Burwood and Freemont was asked by a man if he wanted to go to the mall.

Camden Police are questioning a man in connection with this morning's incident near the Voletta Cream School, however no charges have been filed. They also say right now it appears none of the cases are related.