Study says fruit juice no link to kids' weight

June 3, 2008 1:45:47 PM PDT
Juice study conters perceptions parents, nutritionists, and many doctors have

For years, there's been a common belief that fruit juice contributes to kids becoming overweight.

But now a new study crunches the numbers. It found kids who drank 4-ounces of 100-percent fruit juice per day... Didn't gain weight.

Researchers from Louisiana State University and Baylor College of Medicine say juice-drinkers do take in more calories, but they eat less fat and get more nutrients than kids who don't drink juice.

Dr. James Rippe, cardiologist, and editor-in-chief for American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, says of the study, "The findings that the consumption of 100% fruit juice by children and adolescents is not associated with overweight is very important since 100% fruit juices are nutrient dense and their consumption represents an excellent way to help children meet the dietary guidelines for Americans. The article clears up misconceptions that many healthcare professionals and parents have about this issue."

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than 6-ounces of real fruit juice per day for kids under 6-years-old.