Returning soldiers see babies for first time

June 4, 2008 3:27:14 PM PDT
150 soldiers are back from the war zone, and for nearly two dozen of them, it was quite a special moment when they got to see their babies for the first time. It was the longest walk of all for returning members of the 153rd military police compan. Their loved ones were just footsteps away with their signs and cheers, and yes, those tiny voices that somehow stood out above the rest.

All 150 stood and listened to speeches, no doubt wishing each one would end, because these weary warriors wanted only one be reunited with their loved ones again.

After a one year tour of duty in Iraq, more than 20 citizen soldiers are coming home to yet another assignment, diaper duty.

"I told him I'm going to take a day and he's going to be on kid duty so I can rest," Heather Baker said.

Baker has had her hands full with 8 month old Robert. Just knowing that was a tough emotional battle for all of the new dads.

Sgt. Sidney Baker told Action News it was tough not knowing if his wife was ok, or if the baby was ok, while at the same time worrying about the mission overseas.

"I know my wife had a hard time dealing with everything. I wish I was there for her. I'm glad to be back to help her out with the baby and everything," added Staff Sgt. Stefan Talabisco.

Lindsey Grevis was among the anxiously waiting moms. She said she found out she was pregnant the day after her husband deployed on June 18th of last year.

But, that bittersweet day was all but forgotten after their reunion. "It feels great. I can't really describe it. I'm in awe," her husband Sgt. Chris Grevis said.

That same emotion was felt all around.