Strikeout prostate cancer

June 5, 2008 3:33:16 PM PDT
About one in six men is diagnosed with prostate cancer. If it's caught early, the cancer is almost 100-percent curable, but if it goes undetected, it can be deadly. So now a new campaign is raising money and getting guys attention..with America's favorite pasttime.

As major league pitchers take the mound, the goal is to strike batters out. And now doing so comes with an extra incentive. Major League Baseball and One-A-Day Vitamins have teamed up and will donate $10 for each strikeout for all teams.

Phillies relief pitcher Chad Durbin said, "Anytime you can prolong someone's life so they can see their grandkids grow up or their kids grow up, it's just a fantastic initiative."

Prostate cancer survivor Tom Venti, of Medford, N.J., also applauds the campaign because it gets men talking about something they'd rather not and hopefully it will get more men tested.. "Testing is the big thing men don't want to deal with," he said.

But Venti said had he not gone to the doctor twelve years ago, his cancer could have spread. "I was fortunate that it was caught early enough to put me in a position I am today, cancer free 12 years later," he said.

One-a-Day has also pledged if any pitcher strikes-out 21 batters in one game, they'll donate a $1-million. Durbin said that's a longshot for him, but teammates Bret Myers or Cole Hamels might step up to the plate. Myers threw eight strikeouts on Wednesday.

"For someone to do 21 and then on top of that get $1,000,000 for this initiative that would be fantastic," Durbin said.

So far, all teams combined have raised more than $100,000 and the campaign lasts throughout the next four years. You can also help the fight against prostate cancer, this Father's Day, June 15th. Join Gary Papa in the "Run for Your Life" run/walk. For details, visit: