Distributed flyers urge McKie out of Gladwyne

July 3, 2008 5:02:54 AM PDT
A Main Line community is buzzing over efforts by one individual to keep a former Sixer's star out of the neighborhood. A flyer has been stuffed into mailboxes along Youngsford Road in Gladwyne.

It's aimed at Aaron McKie, and trying to keep him out of the neighborhood, but, judging from neighborhood reaction, it has clearly backfired.

Former 76er Aaron McKie is building a new house on Youngsford Road.

Last Monday, he was arrested and charged with trying to buy two guns while under a protection from abuse order.

Late last week, a flyer started appearing in mailboxes.

In bold letters it says, "How can we prevent Aaron McKie from moving into our safe and peaceful neighborhood? His house is almost complete on Youngsford Road. Let's prevent another Iverson from moving in."

Former 76er, Allen Iverson lived around the corner from where McKie is building his house.

A media circus converged on the neighborhood when Iverson was arrested on a weapons charge 6 years ago.

Joe Brown lives two doors away from McKie's new house.

He says the flyer must have come from a disturbed individual and in no way reflects the rest of the community.

Action News went to McKie's current home in Penn Valley to get his reaction.

There were people home, but no one came to the door.

Gladwyne is one of the wealthiest communities in the country, home to the super-rich and just plain folks.

The anti-McKie flyer is the talk of the town, everyone trying to guess who's behind it.

That includes the U.S. Postal service, which has launched an investigation of its own.

It seems most of this community is ready to welcome Aaron McKie, despite his legal troubles. Whoever's behind this flyer may turn out to be the one who gets shunned.