A Taste of Philadelphia delights all

July 5, 2008 5:42:20 PM PDT
They came ready for the rain and with hearty appetites. Food lovers packed the Great Plaza at Penn's Landing, Saturday, to try some of Philadelphia's finest restaurants at a great price.

At A Taste of Philadelphia for $5 or less, you can sample an entrée that would ordinarily cost $20 or more.

Tanya Powell of West Philadelphia indulged in one of the city's premiere steakhouses Capital Grille.

"I paid $5. It was delicious. I'm going to save one day and go in there and sit down and enjoy the whole thing," Powell said.

The event borrowed it's name from a restaurant that specializes in, what else, but Philly's most famous food, the cheese-steak.

Twenty restaurants are represented in the even with all different kinds of cuisine to choose from.

The event is as much fun for the cooks as it is for the customers.

If there is still room for dessert, you can always get a scoop at the ice cream festival on the lower platform, all while listening to live entertainment.