New clues in gas pump "skimming" case

July 7, 2008 3:45:04 PM PDT
Since we broke this story last month we've been holding onto certain information at the request of the state police. Now the police are going public with some of that information, including surveillance photos. Police want you to take a good look at the men in these pictures.

They were taken at Wawa stores and a 7-11 where the men allegedly withdrew cash from ATM machines.

They were also spotted at a casino in Atlantic City.

The cards they used were counterfeit, using information from skimmers that had been placed on gas pumps.

Police believe the thieves targeted Wawa stores because they're high volume locations.

They also allegedly hit a Co-op in Bryn Mawr.

The thieves open the pumps and place electronic skimmers next to the card swipe.

They record your private information and then raid your bank account.

People are being extra cautious since we got the word out.

The thieves have hit Wawa's in Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, and Bucks counties in Pennsylvania and in New Castle, Delaware.

Police believe they may now also be operating in New Jersey.

Investigators suspect they are part of a band of travelers, con men who move from one area to another when the heat is on.

If you think you've seen those two men, Pennsylvania State police want to hear from you right away at 484-840-1000.