Weekend heat continues

July 18, 2008 8:39:13 PM PDT
The hot weather is making for some tough times.Hopping into cool water sprayed by a fire hydrant in Fishtown is a summer tradition when the temperatures get this high.

Others took a dive at the famous fountain on the Ben Franklin Parkway.

Rena Senner is leaving to go back to Germany today and wanted her dog Lucy to cool off before the long flight.

"She gets overheated so fast, she runs around a lot. She needs some cool excitement," Senner said.

People need that, as well, because the kind of heat today is sticky and dangerous.

At the Philadelphia Senior Center on South Broad Street, they're raising money to replace their air conditioning unit that has proven unreliable this week.

"It's $225,000 project, 2200 seniors every summer come here to get out of the heat Yesterday alone we had more than 400 seniors come here, so it tells you the magnitude of the project," Kory Aversa said.

Fortunately, on Friday the air conditioning was working.

It is a luxury to be inside today, but some at work, don't have a choice, as they make their living outside.