Neighbors seek help for abused puppy - Philadelphia News

August 8, 2008 8:42:03 PM PDT
A Philadelphia neighborhood has been startled by the discovery of a puppy that has had a very rough start to life. The abuse suffered by this little puppy is disturbing.

"It's got burn wounds. It looks like someone poured acid on it. The dog looks like a walking skeleton," said neighbor Ralph Grosso.

"It also has open wounds that are weeping. The dog has hardly any hair at all from an acid bath," said David Hamill, also of the Holmesburg neighborhood.

The dog was found in a backyard in the 4600-block of Crater Street around 10 Friday morning.

Residents believe it was dropped off in Pennypack Park, and walked across the street.

Residents called the SPCA, but nearly 10 hours later, the dog still rested in this backyard.

"You know we called the SPCA all day and got no response, we called 911and we did get a response but unfortunately they were not able to do anything about it."

Another city agency, the Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Association, finally arrived around 10 p.m.

Residents were mad it took so long and let the responding officers know it. But their real anger is directed to whomever would do such horrible things to this puppy.

"Why would someone do that is beyond me. It was just plain hate."

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