Saving with 6abc: Back to School Clothes

August 11, 2008 Children's Attic in Hamilton, New Jersey sells new and gently worn merchandise for kids of all ages "Shirts go for around $2. Jeans go for $4 usually," said Sherry Vandergrift of Children's Attic.

Children's Attic also sells school uniforms.

"Your basic sky-blue tops, your khaki pants, your navy pants," added Vandergrift.

Secondhand uniform pants cost just $3. Blazers just $8.

And Action News even found new uniform shirts selling for just $5.99.

And at Children's Attic, you could also make money, too, by bringing in your own things to sell!

"As your items sell you can get a credit with the store and you can use that to buy other items," added Vandergrift.

And, for one-stop-shopping check out the selection of deeply discounted workbooks and educational products.

"Hooked on Phonics, if you order it through TV ads or school supplies - it's like $200 - I usually sell them for $50," she said.

And you may remember Plato's Closet. It's a unique retail recycling shop geared toward Teens and Twenty-something's. Action News has shown you in the past how you can get all sorts of brand-name designer goods here at a fraction of regular prices. Plus, bring your own things and get cash on the spot! Plato's Closet now has seven locations all across the tri-state area!

"I like skinny jeans and vests," said shopper Mikayla Copper.

13-year-old Mikayala Copper is checking out Garage at Willow Grove Park mall.

It isn't a consignment store but here you'll find all sorts of deals for back to school as well.

"Our prices are very moderate basically we want to offer you great value for your dollar," said Tina Gibbens-Tenneriiello with Garage.

Perfect if you like high-end, celebrity fashions on a moderate budget like Mikayla. "I like them for less money," she said.

At Garage you can get premium denim and other clothing at relatively low prices.

"So you get the same fit, the same style as your $250 jeans but at Garage, you can get it for only $40," added Gibbens-Tenneriiello.

And a quick tip no matter where you shop: buy clothes you can mix-and-match all year around during every season.

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