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August 18, 2008 Green Gadgets

David Perlman in Center City has figured out a way to go green and make some green! He clears out his junk drawer of electronics and makes cash at the same time using Gazelle will buy gadgets like old cell phones, laptops, and mp3 players!

First, search the site for your device.

David tells us, "You can select your device, and then what you do is say it's in good condition - I have original manual, cables, it powers on. And then it will give you an estimated value."

If you like the price, send your device in. Gazelle will even pay for shipping. The company will then inspect your gadget, and as long as it's in the condition you claimed, Gazelle will send you a check or put money in your PayPal account. Gazelle will recycle the device or fix it up and resell it.

David says he's made about $150 in the last year by greening his gadgets. You can visit David Perlman's website at : also offers cash for your items. lets you pay a fee to lock in a price the site will pay you in the future. gives Visa gift cards instead of cash.

But David also points out you can repurpose your old devices. In other words, find different uses for them. For instance, you can turn your old iPod into a makeshift stereo system for a guest bedroom.

"Also, donate your device. If it's not something you can use, maybe someone else can use it. There's a lot of not for profits that can use laptops and computer and monitors and your local schools can benefit from those things. I've done that as well," said Perlman.


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